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Save costs, increase productivity, and improve your equipment's efficiency with automated lubrication systems from Jaymac Heavy Equipement Repairs.

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Trusted Automatic Lubrication Equipment Sales and Service in Nova Scotia

Lack of lubrication is one of the main causes of equipment failure. Additionally, inefficient manual lubrication practices can often result in over-lubrication of key pivot points, which leads to wasted lube, environmental concerns, safety or housekeeping concerns, and higher labour costs. Dirt, moisture, and inadequate greasing can also affect your equipment. These issues can be reduced using an automatic lubrication system. For trusted automatic lubrication equipment sales and service in Nova Scotia, contact Jaymac Heavy Equipment Repairs. Our team also offers heavy equipment repairs. We have been in business since 2014 and have 25 years of experience in the heavy equipment repairs trade. You can call us for reliable services across Halifax, Truro, and Moncton.

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What Is Automated Lubrication?

A Graco automated lubrication system, also known as an auto greaser or a centralized grease or oil lubrication system, automatically lubricates multiple areas on a machine from a centralized pump/control unit that is located in a convenient position. While your machine is running, a system distributes tiny calibrated volumes of lubrication at frequent intervals, ensuring a constant supply of lubricant in the bearings and a continuous lubricant seal to prevent dirt and impurities from migrating into bearings. Jaymac Heavy Equipment Repairs is the trusted distributor of Graco automatic lube systems since 2016, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fluid management products. Reach out to us for quality services at all times.

Why Use Automatic Lubrication System?

Graco Automatic lubrication systems can make your job a lot easier by factoring out unnecessary costs. Using such systems has several benefits, like:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Optimal lubrication
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Less downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Longer lifespan

Services We Offer

We are here to help you with a range of services for your heavy equipment. Our work includes:

  • Automatic lubrication equipment sales
  • Heavy equipment repair
  • Automatic lubrication service
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Professional Repair Service

Forget all about your heavy equipment repair woes. We provide professional repair services for you.

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Jaymac Heavy Equipment Repairs Inc Services

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At Jaymac Heavy Equipment Repairs, we value customer service, and our team is always happy to help!

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